Rich, Strong and Intoxicating..

“So apparently you taste it and then spit it out? As if that’s going to happen!”

The extent of my wine knowledge was put to the test last weekend when Lauren and I joined a tour of Denmark’s wineries and cider makers to raise funds for Relay for Life.

We started our tour at Rockcliffe winery and were welcomed by a squashed snake on the road that was still wriggling! After gawking at the roadkill for a beat, we sampled some tasty reds and decided they needed a place in our collection.

“That’s amore” seems like a suitable song to bust out when you are drinking wine, especially according to one of our fellow wine lovers who sang it loudly throughout the afternoon, entertaining us until he fell asleep in his chair.

Black Pig Cider (named after their dog Angus) was our relaxing venue for lunch where we feasted on a beautiful gourmet lunch prepared and packed by our karaoke queen Lexy.

Lauren tasting the apple and pear cider

Lauren tasting the apple and pear cider

A wine tour is not complete without loud singing and noise on the bus!
What song do you think of when people ask you for a karaoke/singalong song?
The only song that popped into my head was ‘its getting hot in here’ which could be dangerous on a wine tour bus full of inebriated people!

The next stop was Elephant Rocks Cider Company. You know those silly people who push doors that say you’re meant to pull and vice versa? I’m sorry to say i have joined the club. I tried for ages to undo the hinge of the gate to the amusement of my winemates- who may I add did not correct me! Luckily I made it inside to the delicious toffees and brittles!

Elephant Rock Cider Company-range of sauces and relishes

Elephant Rock Cider Company-range of sauces and relishes

We visited a range of wineries but none were as welcoming as Yilgarnia who (after a treck through the bush) we found waiting for us with delicious nibbles and tastings!

Although my knowledge of wine has only progressed from a port wine jelly and red-some-for-me-bit-for-the-cooking-more-for-me level to drinking from a glass, I assure you that we are all experts once the bottles have been consumed!

Whats your favourite wine drinking karaoke song? Comment below!

Jaime Nicole xx

P.S Make a donation to Relay for Life and help in the fight against cancer – and remember to drink responsibly and with karaoke.

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  1. Great blog Jaime.
    Best Kareoke song on a wine trip…. Doesnt really matter coz we make the words up anyway but ABBA rocks and abit of Freddy …
    Til the next instalment xx

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