The Great Why (a tiny story about big things)

Read this thought provoking piece by blogger Chris Shelby!

Chris Shelby

“Time to put the world back together again,” he said, and with half a lifetime he would do it.

The Great Why, in a voice like all the trees in all the nobody-there-forests in all the world falling at the same time, went on. “I have granted you the boon of paradox, and you guys have resented me for it. While you’re alive you don’t notice the experience of living, yet you complain when people die. All your red beating hearts and pink grasping hands were once gray and inert, as undying as a booger already flicked. Long ago, everything was not a bunch of things but one big gray blob. Without even a nothing around it. There wasn’t nothing, because all of the nothing was mixed up in the colorless gray shapeless blob. All the white stars and black space and warm souls and cold nothing were together as…

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