Aussie Quiz! True or False..

We eat them, we shoot them, we hit them with our cars.
I am of course talking about our national mascot, the kangaroo.

You can buy kangaroo to feed your pets, you can also find roo steaks on the menu at some restaurants. It is quite common to see roos out at dusk or dawn so we avoid travelling during those times, or we fix “roo-shoo’s” to our cars to warn themimage away. We even attach “roo bars” to our cars for protection.

A guy brought a joey to work today, he is looking after it because the mother was no longer around to care for it(didn’t get the full story). It was very cute, sucking on its foot.

It made me think about all the Aussie facts and stories that foreigners seem to get confused, so lets play a game of truth or false!

1. Aussies ride pet kangaroos to school
2.Drop bears are common and will kill you
3. Koalas are always high
4. Crocodiles won’t eat you, they will drown you and store you to rot and snack on you later
5. We all surf and love sharks
6. little miss muffet loves our hunts mans
7. Vegemite is not owned by Australia

See below for the answers!

If you can think of some more please comment below!

Jaime Nicole xx

1.F 2.cant tell you!3.T 4.T 5.F6.F 7.T


  1. We drink a lot of awful beer like Fosters
    Captain Cook Discovered Australia
    That Koalas are bears
    It’s summer all the time, and therefor always BBQ time
    That we try and say as much as possible with as few words as possible
    Reverse toilet flush thing
    That we’re all fit, and not one of the fattest countries in the world
    Hmm and that an Australian company still owns Vegemite.

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