Katy Perry’s Perth-ect Performance

Yep, Katy said it! She has a daggy sense of humour and I love it!

I was very impressed at the opening night of Katy’s Australian Prismatic tour by her amazing vocals which were highlighted by fireworks, smoke, flashing neon lights and a lot more cats than I ever thought there would be…image

She first appeared in all her neon brilliance from the middle of the main stage singing “Roar'”surrounded by dancers dressed in multicoloured lights and holding tribal spears. Songs progressed to an egyptian theme with “Dark Horse”, her dancing mummy ladies with giant balloon bums and boobs had me in stitches all the way!

Floating poo emoji

Floating poo emoji

Katy’s fans are called “Katy Kats” which may explain why Katy dressed up as a full on cats-the-musical pink glittery cat costume for the song “Hot n Cold” with an amusing cat cartoon on the big screen.

Only Katy would also have giant emoji remote controlled balloons hovering over the crowd, one a giant poo, another labelled “Katy’s Taco” while she bounced around in a blow up car singing “California gurls”.

Dance camera surprises

Dance camera surprises

Many costume changes were carefully executed with entertainment in between, including a dance cam, focussing on sections of the crowd who were all equally surprised and excited to be on the big screen- or pretending that they weren’t dancing especially well for the camera.

A scary but beautiful moment was when dancers ran a thin floaty material over the centre crowd, to simulate clouds, while Katy was “Walking On Air” above, hoisted high into the air.

Katy 'walking on air'

Katy ‘walking on air’

Back on the ground again, Katy talked about her garden at home and what she liked to grow (not weed as one crowd member yelled) and then ‘grew’ a guitar and a pizza. Katy admitted she was in fact allergic to gluten but dreamt of pizza constantly, even imagining that the umbrella of sunflowers above her was actually a pepperoni pizza!

One lucky fan from the crowd was brought on stage to claim the gluten filled pizza, 11 year old Shakayla. Katy congratulated her, commenting that Shakayla was

a nicer name than Shakira and also to watch her body because “your body changes”. I believe Katy recently celebrated a milestone birthday, she looked fantastic but I’m still not sure what colour her real hair is- Katy remarked “why have one colour when you can have a rainbow!”

Lucky birthday boy meets Katy

Lucky birthday boy meets Katy

Katy sang “Birthday” to a lucky teen boy pulled onto the stage (apparently his birthday that day), giving him a boob-in-the-face-hug then leaving him to spend the rest of the song on top of a spinning cake. Katy serenaded him, flying around on a balloon swing, confetti cannons going off in every direction.

Telstra Thanks sponsored the event, providing “prism vision” glasses. During the later half of the show we were prompted to put on our glasses, to watch Katy perform with extra fireworks and a dazzling light show.

My latest ValleyGirl purchase.. Keeping in with the cat spirit!

My latest ValleyGirl purchase.. Keeping in with the cat spirit!

I enjoyed Katy’s music in the past but wouldn’t have considered myself a Katy Kat-I didn’t even know what that was! I was thoroughly impressed with her performance, singing well whilst jumping around so energetically! If I wasn’t allergic to cats I think would be meowing with the rest of Perth 😉


Jaime Nicole xx

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