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A lover of travel and hilarious new experiences, Jaime Nicole is a twenty something year old Aussie who hopes to inspire the soul and give you a laugh.

Carpe diem- more than a corny tattoo

Living life without a dream or something to be passionate about feels completely empty and draining. Without some direction or purpose it leaves the soul lost and sloth like.

I envy people who know from a very young age what they want in life and just go for it. Most people fumble around for a bit, usually heavily influenced by their family and peers to pursue something that clearly doesn’t make them happy, others lucky enough to develop an interest along the way.
Lots of people haven’t got a clue, but do they feel as badly about it as I do? Tragically many young people die before they get a chance to figure it all out, make a mark on the world. I don’t want to waste a second of the life I have been gifted, I want to seize the day, seize the moment because once its over, time moves on. It sounds totally corny but you have to stop waiting for life to start, it’s here and now!

I’m not saying that responsibilities are a bad thing, it comes with being a mature adult, but it also takes risks to live a full life with no regrets.

I want to feel inspired, excited and exhilarated by the present moment and all that can be achieved in the future by hard work and self belief. What are your dreams? Have you put your passion on hold?

Don’t just exist, LIVE.

Jaime Nicole xx

Creepy Hollow

Usually the best part of taking the dreaded bus to Perth is the arrival, but my last trip had us taking the mid trip break at a new place.

Creepy stuff for sale

Creepy stuff for sale

Formerly the Beaufort River Roadhouse, Creepy Hollow is a cafe/gift shop with a difference. At first I thought they had just forgotten to take down their tacky Halloween decorations, then I entered the shop and saw the extent of the creepiness. They have a whole “market” set up where you can purchase scary masks, tricks and other Halloween type products.

Who's your mummy

Who’s your mummy

On walking in I was startled by a large statue which must have a sensor because it greeted me in an deep eery voice! Another headless statue whined about missing her wedding day because she lost her head!

This roadhouse is in the middle of nowhere, can you imagine if they had a power outage and they were surrounded by all these spooky talking statues?? It’s the kind of place that I’m glad I packed my knickers!


Personally I really dislike scary stuff, thriller movies, suspense or surprises so I was pretty keen to buy my obligatory hot chips and take refuge in the bus!

If you are looking to stop somewhere different I can recommend checking out the creepy hollow, just don’t ask me to go back!

Jaime Nicole xx

Katy Perry’s Perth-ect Performance

Yep, Katy said it! She has a daggy sense of humour and I love it!

I was very impressed at the opening night of Katy’s Australian Prismatic tour by her amazing vocals which were highlighted by fireworks, smoke, flashing neon lights and a lot more cats than I ever thought there would be…image

She first appeared in all her neon brilliance from the middle of the main stage singing “Roar'”surrounded by dancers dressed in multicoloured lights and holding tribal spears. Songs progressed to an egyptian theme with “Dark Horse”, her dancing mummy ladies with giant balloon bums and boobs had me in stitches all the way!

Floating poo emoji

Floating poo emoji

Katy’s fans are called “Katy Kats” which may explain why Katy dressed up as a full on cats-the-musical pink glittery cat costume for the song “Hot n Cold” with an amusing cat cartoon on the big screen.

Only Katy would also have giant emoji remote controlled balloons hovering over the crowd, one a giant poo, another labelled “Katy’s Taco” while she bounced around in a blow up car singing “California gurls”.

Dance camera surprises

Dance camera surprises

Many costume changes were carefully executed with entertainment in between, including a dance cam, focussing on sections of the crowd who were all equally surprised and excited to be on the big screen- or pretending that they weren’t dancing especially well for the camera.

A scary but beautiful moment was when dancers ran a thin floaty material over the centre crowd, to simulate clouds, while Katy was “Walking On Air” above, hoisted high into the air.

Katy 'walking on air'

Katy ‘walking on air’

Back on the ground again, Katy talked about her garden at home and what she liked to grow (not weed as one crowd member yelled) and then ‘grew’ a guitar and a pizza. Katy admitted she was in fact allergic to gluten but dreamt of pizza constantly, even imagining that the umbrella of sunflowers above her was actually a pepperoni pizza!

One lucky fan from the crowd was brought on stage to claim the gluten filled pizza, 11 year old Shakayla. Katy congratulated her, commenting that Shakayla was

a nicer name than Shakira and also to watch her body because “your body changes”. I believe Katy recently celebrated a milestone birthday, she looked fantastic but I’m still not sure what colour her real hair is- Katy remarked “why have one colour when you can have a rainbow!”

Lucky birthday boy meets Katy

Lucky birthday boy meets Katy

Katy sang “Birthday” to a lucky teen boy pulled onto the stage (apparently his birthday that day), giving him a boob-in-the-face-hug then leaving him to spend the rest of the song on top of a spinning cake. Katy serenaded him, flying around on a balloon swing, confetti cannons going off in every direction.

Telstra Thanks sponsored the event, providing “prism vision” glasses. During the later half of the show we were prompted to put on our glasses, to watch Katy perform with extra fireworks and a dazzling light show.

My latest ValleyGirl purchase.. Keeping in with the cat spirit!

My latest ValleyGirl purchase.. Keeping in with the cat spirit!

I enjoyed Katy’s music in the past but wouldn’t have considered myself a Katy Kat-I didn’t even know what that was! I was thoroughly impressed with her performance, singing well whilst jumping around so energetically! If I wasn’t allergic to cats I think would be meowing with the rest of Perth 😉


Jaime Nicole xx

Aussie Quiz! True or False..

We eat them, we shoot them, we hit them with our cars.
I am of course talking about our national mascot, the kangaroo.

You can buy kangaroo to feed your pets, you can also find roo steaks on the menu at some restaurants. It is quite common to see roos out at dusk or dawn so we avoid travelling during those times, or we fix “roo-shoo’s” to our cars to warn themimage away. We even attach “roo bars” to our cars for protection.

A guy brought a joey to work today, he is looking after it because the mother was no longer around to care for it(didn’t get the full story). It was very cute, sucking on its foot.

It made me think about all the Aussie facts and stories that foreigners seem to get confused, so lets play a game of truth or false!

1. Aussies ride pet kangaroos to school
2.Drop bears are common and will kill you
3. Koalas are always high
4. Crocodiles won’t eat you, they will drown you and store you to rot and snack on you later
5. We all surf and love sharks
6. little miss muffet loves our hunts mans
7. Vegemite is not owned by Australia

See below for the answers!

If you can think of some more please comment below!

Jaime Nicole xx

1.F 2.cant tell you!3.T 4.T 5.F6.F 7.T

19 wishes for my fire headed nephews

I wish that they grow up to be strong and healthy
I wish for their life to be full of happiness and excitement
I wish for them to be inspired and that they fill their life with passion
I wish that they find purpose and contentment in trying to achieve that purpose
I wish for their life to be hard enough to teach them tolerance and compassion
I wish for their life to be easy enough that they do not feel complete despair
I wish for them to live in a world that values both science and spirituality
I wish that the world they grow their own children in will be clean and sustainable
I wish that they will seize the day and not wait for life to start
I wish for them to treat people with respect, including themselves
I wish for their life journey to be magical
I wish for them to fall in love completely and without doubt
I wish for them to be there for each other through thick and thin
I wish for them to see the world and be open minded
I wish for them to always ask why
I wish for them to value honesty and kindness
I wish that they will have reason to smile everyday
I wish that they will grow up into men that know when to stand alone and when to ask for help
I wish that they will always cherish their family

Especially their Aunty!

Love Jaime Nicole xx

The Great Why (a tiny story about big things)

Read this thought provoking piece by blogger Chris Shelby!

Chris Shelby

“Time to put the world back together again,” he said, and with half a lifetime he would do it.

The Great Why, in a voice like all the trees in all the nobody-there-forests in all the world falling at the same time, went on. “I have granted you the boon of paradox, and you guys have resented me for it. While you’re alive you don’t notice the experience of living, yet you complain when people die. All your red beating hearts and pink grasping hands were once gray and inert, as undying as a booger already flicked. Long ago, everything was not a bunch of things but one big gray blob. Without even a nothing around it. There wasn’t nothing, because all of the nothing was mixed up in the colorless gray shapeless blob. All the white stars and black space and warm souls and cold nothing were together as…

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Boracay bikinis

Little bikinis, barely there bikinis, up your butt bikinis, the whole lot everywhere you looked! Boracay island in the Philippines is the American/Korean equivalent of Bali for Aussies in my opinion. White sand, cheap food, fun water sports and relaxing massages.

Upon arrival we were greeted by almost every staff member in the resort, ready with a fresh fruit mocktail, a shell necklace and a cold flannel for our face. After cooling off, it was time to explore the island.

imageEvery time I walked along the main walkway voices echoed SirMaam MassaaaaageJetskiiiiiiiiiii! Some vendors even offered to henna tattoo the phrase onto a body part for a small fee!

The coconut oil massages were very relaxing and left me slipping and sliding in my thongs all the way back to my hotel. I had my toenails painted by a lovely young man, who when I chose a nail polish colour he grinned and showed me that he had the same colour on his toenails!

We spent some time canoeing in the water near out hotel, where we once came across a dead sea snake, which of course made me squeal! The hotel staff came and fished it out of the water, confirming it was in fact dead. For some reason snakes seem to feature in my blogs! Read “Rich Strong and Intoxicating” for more!

imageWhilst swimming one day I noticed a fuss happening on the beach. Apparently a local tv star had come for some rest and relaxation and was signing autographs for fans. I have no idea who it was, but the locals seemed very excited by the female star in a little bikini..

That night we went to an outdoor BBQ, where you choose all the ingredients you like such as chicken, bamboo shoots, shredded carrot and so on. You collect them in a bowl and hand them to the chef, who BBQ’s it and returns it to you at your table (in a different bowl I hoped). It was so delicious and I knew the exact ingredients-assuming the chicken was in fact chicken!

The island was at times very touristy and commercial, with the beach being the main attraction. I walked the beach regularly, but felt guilty every time, as the beachfront hotel staff followed everyone, raking the beach smooth again!


If you find yourself in the Philippines, give Boracay a visit. Or if you prefer somewhere less touristy, try Palawan as I hear it is much quieter.

Jaime Nicole xx

Hand in my pocket..

A good looking man sidled up to me as we were boarding a train to start our pub crawl in the heart of Prague. He was standing so close yet didn’t make eye contact with me. The sound of the train doors echoed in the scarcely populated platform and we moved towards the open doors. The man obviously had no clue about personal space as he stood touching my shoulder, and then I felt a HAND IN MY POCKET AND IT WASN’T MINE! He was so sneaky about it, holding a coat over his arms to disguise what he was actually doing!

Luckily I only had a map of the city in my pocket (haha sucker!) and all my valuables were in my across my chest bag that I held in front of me. I stared in shock and then anger at him as he ignored me and sat a little distance away.
My evil eyes must have let him know what I suspected because he got off at the very next train station in the middle of nowhere!


We continued on our journey and had a great time drinking absinthe and beers across the city of Prague, forgetting that the night had almost resulted in a loss of possessions.

A least I got felt up by a local hottie-even if he was a pick pocketer!

Have you had a similar experience on your travels? It can happen anywhere, we just have to stay vigilant. Comment below to share your tips on keeping possessions safe on your travels.

Jaime Nicole xx

Don’t fall in!

Some new experiences when travelling are easier than others. Learning to eat rice with my fingers, making a snowball or using an EFTPOS card were relatively simple tasks, but there is one thing that most people can find confronting..

Going to the toot in foreign countries…
I once went into a shopping centre ladies toilets and as it was quite busy there was only one loo available. It was one of those hole in the floor toilets i had heard about from friends. It had taken me ages to figure out where the loos were at all so I was busting to go and decided to brave it. The floors were wet with god knows what, the attendant constantly mopping so it never dries.
It involves quite a bit of skill to squat and pee with your pants out of the way (but they can’t touch the ground or they’ll get wet on the floor slime) AND hold onto your handbag AND supply your own loo paper! Many places in Asia do not supply paper and you can’t flush it either, instead disposing of it in a bucket or washing your tush with a jug of water! Anyway I triumphantly completed the task like a toddler learning to toilet train and left the cubicle to wash my hands (dodging the lady with the urine mop). As I looked around I noticed that other cubicles were free now and THEY WERE ALL WESTERN TOILETS!! I had unwittingly chosen the only weird dunny that even the locals hadn’t preferred! Funny how our expectations of some countries really aren’t correct for the majority, like pet kangaroos and Aussies throwing shrimp on the barbie- IT’S FLOPPIN PRAWNS!

Just to be clear, I actually managed to cock up all of the above easy experiences; I rubbed chilli in my eye while eating with my hands, I fell over and only hit myself with the snowball and I tried using my eftpos card at a McDonald’s in Austria but it was completely in German!I still ended up with my (possibly expensive-who knows) curly fries and made a new friend (who may have tried to steal my card) so it was worth it!

My point is that every experience, good or bad can teach you something.
I’ve learnt to not always believe the stereotypes and tourist campaigns, and to take other people’s travel stories with a grain of salt as everyone experiences things differently. You may see the hole in the floor toilet and feel completely at home!

Jaime Nicole xx

Real Beliefs or Gullible Foreigner?

Learning about local customs and beliefs are one of the most interesting parts of travelling, but sometimes I feel like they are just pulling my leg because I’m a foreigner.

Here are my top 7 experiences of this- 7 because its apparently lucky!

1. I’ve received gifts of good luck purses full of coins that I can’t spend or it has the opposite effect- very bad luck
2. I’ve had to wear polka dots and eat only round fruit at New Years to promote good fortune to the household
3. I’ve looked on while my driver signs the cross before starting the car-not sure if they are praying for a safe journey or for the car to start!
4. Told not to shave my armpits at that time of the month or my skin will turn black
5. Sweep the outdoor areas in the mornings to sweep away bad luck
6. Don’t eat chicken if you have the flu (what about chicken noodle soup??)
7. The weirdest one of all was to use my own menstrual blood as an acne cure! I really hope this was a joke and no I definitely did NOT try this!EW!!!

Have you heard of any of these before? What unusual superstitions have you heard on your travels? I would love to hear them, please comment below!

Jaime Nicole xx