Creepy Hollow

Usually the best part of taking the dreaded bus to Perth is the arrival, but my last trip had us taking the mid trip break at a new place.

Creepy stuff for sale

Creepy stuff for sale

Formerly the Beaufort River Roadhouse, Creepy Hollow is a cafe/gift shop with a difference. At first I thought they had just forgotten to take down their tacky Halloween decorations, then I entered the shop and saw the extent of the creepiness. They have a whole “market” set up where you can purchase scary masks, tricks and other Halloween type products.

Who's your mummy

Who’s your mummy

On walking in I was startled by a large statue which must have a sensor because it greeted me in an deep eery voice! Another headless statue whined about missing her wedding day because she lost her head!

This roadhouse is in the middle of nowhere, can you imagine if they had a power outage and they were surrounded by all these spooky talking statues?? It’s the kind of place that I’m glad I packed my knickers!


Personally I really dislike scary stuff, thriller movies, suspense or surprises so I was pretty keen to buy my obligatory hot chips and take refuge in the bus!

If you are looking to stop somewhere different I can recommend checking out the creepy hollow, just don’t ask me to go back!

Jaime Nicole xx