Real Beliefs or Gullible Foreigner?

Learning about local customs and beliefs are one of the most interesting parts of travelling, but sometimes I feel like they are just pulling my leg because I’m a foreigner.

Here are my top 7 experiences of this- 7 because its apparently lucky!

1. I’ve received gifts of good luck purses full of coins that I can’t spend or it has the opposite effect- very bad luck
2. I’ve had to wear polka dots and eat only round fruit at New Years to promote good fortune to the household
3. I’ve looked on while my driver signs the cross before starting the car-not sure if they are praying for a safe journey or for the car to start!
4. Told not to shave my armpits at that time of the month or my skin will turn black
5. Sweep the outdoor areas in the mornings to sweep away bad luck
6. Don’t eat chicken if you have the flu (what about chicken noodle soup??)
7. The weirdest one of all was to use my own menstrual blood as an acne cure! I really hope this was a joke and no I definitely did NOT try this!EW!!!

Have you heard of any of these before? What unusual superstitions have you heard on your travels? I would love to hear them, please comment below!

Jaime Nicole xx