Carpe diem- more than a corny tattoo

Living life without a dream or something to be passionate about feels completely empty and draining. Without some direction or purpose it leaves the soul lost and sloth like.

I envy people who know from a very young age what they want in life and just go for it. Most people fumble around for a bit, usually heavily influenced by their family and peers to pursue something that clearly doesn’t make them happy, others lucky enough to develop an interest along the way.
Lots of people haven’t got a clue, but do they feel as badly about it as I do? Tragically many young people die before they get a chance to figure it all out, make a mark on the world. I don’t want to waste a second of the life I have been gifted, I want to seize the day, seize the moment because once its over, time moves on. It sounds totally corny but you have to stop waiting for life to start, it’s here and now!

I’m not saying that responsibilities are a bad thing, it comes with being a mature adult, but it also takes risks to live a full life with no regrets.

I want to feel inspired, excited and exhilarated by the present moment and all that can be achieved in the future by hard work and self belief. What are your dreams? Have you put your passion on hold?

Don’t just exist, LIVE.

Jaime Nicole xx