Hand in my pocket..

A good looking man sidled up to me as we were boarding a train to start our pub crawl in the heart of Prague. He was standing so close yet didn’t make eye contact with me. The sound of the train doors echoed in the scarcely populated platform and we moved towards the open doors. The man obviously had no clue about personal space as he stood touching my shoulder, and then I felt a HAND IN MY POCKET AND IT WASN’T MINE! He was so sneaky about it, holding a coat over his arms to disguise what he was actually doing!

Luckily I only had a map of the city in my pocket (haha sucker!) and all my valuables were in my across my chest bag that I held in front of me. I stared in shock and then anger at him as he ignored me and sat a little distance away.
My evil eyes must have let him know what I suspected because he got off at the very next train station in the middle of nowhere!


We continued on our journey and had a great time drinking absinthe and beers across the city of Prague, forgetting that the night had almost resulted in a loss of possessions.

A least I got felt up by a local hottie-even if he was a pick pocketer!

Have you had a similar experience on your travels? It can happen anywhere, we just have to stay vigilant. Comment below to share your tips on keeping possessions safe on your travels.

Jaime Nicole xx